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Simple ways to build strategic networks to get leads

Simple ways to build strategic networks to get leads

A good salesman is always on the lookout for a few good leads. There are many different ways to build out and leverage your network to get sales leads. While many of the nuances of sales that lead to successful sales is dependent on the industry that you are selling in, some general knowledge and tips of the trade can be a real game changer for those who are looking to build out their networks and locate new sales. Here are some of the most important tips.

Increase Your Visibility

You will want to make sure that you, and your firm, are as visible as possible when you are trying to grow your sales base. There are many ways to become more visible such as being active on social media sites, having an active and interactive web page, and by writing thought pieces and articles online which others refer to regularly to gather key information on their needs. Speak at conferences and use your expertise to train others. Be social and visit both existing customers and those who you are trying to court. Eventually your existing customers will have their employees spread out to different companies and if you have a big presence you can attract business by being easily remembered.

Choose the Right Events

There are many different events that you can go to in order to get sales leads. Unless you have all the time in the world, you will want to focus on a key events and use these events to grow your network. Build out your strategic network by choosing the right events. Sometimes these events are annual conferences for major expositions or trade shows. Other times these are meet and greet events at nighttime after work. Different industries have different key events. Learn what the most popular ones are and which ones your client base will be attending. When you meet your existing clients at the event you can quickly be introduced to other potential customers and grow your network in that way.

Don’t just walk into an event blindly. Do some research as to the event including who will be attending it, what topics are on the agenda to discuss, and the length of the event and any outings that will occur at the event. After you attend a couple of these events you will be able to develop a network of individuals who you are able to use to grow your user base.

Stay Up To Date on Current Affairs

If you are selling to a specific industry, you should be at the forefront of knowledge and current events on the important topics and news that is impacting your industry. By staying updated of current events and news topics you can quickly find yourself being thought of as a thought leader in the industry. Then, customers will seek you out and think you are the smartest man in the room, at least in terms of the industry you are representing. Stay abreast of the news, publish some thought pieces on your website and social media sight on current news events, and send out information to the various customers who you are representing. By doing so, you can leverage off your existing network and get additional sales.

Collect and Use Business Cards and Other Promotional Items

You should try to collect business cards when individuals provide them to you and be sure to reach out to the various individuals who you want to foster a relationship with. Email them and call them after an event and meet them for lunch, if possible. Talk and communicate with them and understand what their needs are. Spread around your business card as well and use promotional items to become well known and remembered by different customers.

The following steps may not lead to instant sales for your organization, however they will increase your visibility and help you to grow the aid in the recognition of both your company as well as yourself as a salesman. Over time, the effort you make in building up your strategic network will help you prosper and get leads which can convert to sales for you and your company, and commission income for yourself.

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