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Social Security Law regulates the rights and obligations of employees, employers and the self-employed in the field of benefits. For example in case of sickness / incapacity for work and unemployment (Unemployment Act, Sickness Benefits Act, WIA, WAJONG, WMO, Surcharge Act). The implementing body of these benefits is the UWV. The Work and Social Assistance Act (Social Assistance Law) also comes under Social Security Law. This is carried out by the Work and Income Service (DWI) at the municipalities.


The UWV or the local authority determines whether you are entitled to a benefit on the basis of an extensive and complex system of laws and regulations. They decide on your application, can decide to impose measures, reduce or halt your current benefit and even proceed to recovery. The letter you receive on this is a decision against which you can object

Objection and appeal?

Do you disagree with a decision? For example, because your benefit is rejected or you are imposed on a certain measure? Attorney Mr. Mitchell Bathoorn specializes in benefits. He has extensive experience with drafting objections and (higher) appeals and conducting procedures in the area of ​​Social Security Law. Below you will find more information about specific benefits:

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