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Many law firms face different challenges in their daily business, but in the area of negotiating for prices has been a challenge to many.

The Strategic Context

Competition across the legal sector has become increasingly intense over that last few years. The forces driving this transcend cyclical supply-demand economics.

The Differentiation Challenge

The ability to stand out and to be distinctive in a way that is most valued by the clients (i.e. to achieve differentiation) has become more challenging.

Our Clients Testimonials

Asylum law

An asylum procedure can be very complicated. It is therefore important that you are assisted by a specialized lawyer. All attorneys at Advocatenkantoor de Praktijck have specialized in asylum law for many years.

Immigration law

If you want a residence permit in the Netherlands to live with your partner, to work or to study, it is wise to make use of the assistance of a lawyer who is familiar with the complex rules of immigration law. All our lawyers specialize in immigration law.

Person-and familyright

You can also come to us for divorces, alimony and access arrangements, but also for legal assistance in parental authority, recognition and under supervision.

Criminal law

Because of the great consequences that a conviction may have, it is advisable to consult a lawyer when you receive a summons or call.

Juvenile law

Separate rules in criminal law apply to minors. In addition, minors and their parents may have to undergo a supervision order or custodial placement. The minor can be assigned a lawyer through the court, but both the minor and the parents can choose a lawyer.

Social security law

If your benefit is terminated or reduced by the Social Services, the UWV or the SVB, or if your application for a benefit is rejected, we can assist you professionally with an objection procedure or an appeal to the court.

Law firm with lawyers to help clients with their legal needs.